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Liz Benston

'Responsible Gaming' Pushed in AGA Ad

4 August 2005

LAS VEGAS -- The American Gaming Association has created its first public service announcement about responsible gambling that will air during broadcasts of World Poker Tour tournaments as well as other gambling-related programming on the Travel Channel -- home to many shows about Las Vegas casinos.

The 30-second PSA also will run this week, which marks the AGA's Responsible Gaming Education Week, in Nevada and in other states where AGA members do business. In particular, the PSA will make up 25 percent of the advertising inventory this week for Station Casinos Inc. -- Las Vegas' largest locals casino operator.

"Keep gambling what it should be ... entertainment," the ad begins. It features statements by gamblers against a background of blinking casino lights.

"Without setting limits, it's easy to get carried away," one man says. "You don't have to take big risks to have big fun," another says.

The ad refers viewers to a "free guide to responsible gaming" on the AGA's Web site. The guide reminds gamblers that "the odds of winning are with the house" and that responsible gamblers play "for limited amounts of time, both in frequency and in duration."

"Responsible gaming always has predetermined, acceptable limits for losses" and should be avoided when money for gambling is borrowed or to try and make up for prior losses, the AGA guide says. People shouldn't gamble if they are "feeling lonely, angry and depressed or under stress; when coping with the death of a loved one; to solve personal or family problems or to impress others," it says.