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Kevin Smith

Q & A: Jon Moss, CryptoLogic

4 October 2001

Littlewoods Leisure, one of three companies to be a granted an Internet gambling license recently in the Isle of Man, will be using CryptoLogic Inc. and its online gaming subsidiary, WagerLogic, to power its new site. With the U.K. territory’s jump into the interactive gaming world, IGN thought it was a good time to talk with one of the key players in the Crypto family as it transitions to operation in the Isle of Man. Jon Moss, director of business development, shared his thoughts and hopes regarding the Isle of Man with IGN.

IGN: What kind of steps, technologically speaking, will need to be taken in order to get the company in line with Isle of Man standards?

Moss: The Isle of Man issued the license to Littlewoods, and WagerLogic has been working with Littlewoods and their testing company to ensure that the standards are met. The Isle of Man has very strict standards on a number of things including software testing, conformance with money laundering prevention, physical site security and so on.

IGN: What does it take from a software standpoint to be in compliance with the Isle of Man?

Moss: The Isle of Man has published regulations that pertain to the software testing, and Littlewoods appointed one of the well-known International accounting companies to test our systems to those specifications.

It's been a lot of work, with the testing company spending substantial time and money with us in Toronto and of course on-site in the Isle of Man.

Our compliance investment in Australia, which has cost over US $2 million in direct costs and over 18 months has prepared us well for compliance in Isle of Man and helped WagerLogic to accelerate the process.

IGN: The Isle of Man made its intentions known nearly six months ago that it was going to name the first licensee winners in September. How long ago was it when you guys got involved in the process?

Moss: Littlewoods made the application some months ago. WagerLogic has been working with Littlewoods throughout the whole process though our contract with them was only signed by both parties quite recently.

IGN: Do you see the Isle of Man changing the nature of offshore gaming?

Moss: Yes, we hope so. The Isle of Man has an excellent reputation as a reliable place to do business, there is excellent telecommunications, the gaming and banking is well regulated, the probity standards are strict and the successful applicants for the first three licenses have all got an excellent gaming pedigree. At this point few jurisdictions can offer that.

IGN: How significant is it for Crypto to be among the first three licensees in the Isle of Man?

Moss: It was very important. Apart from the quality of the Isle of Man jurisdiction, we're also delighted to be able to do business with Littlewoods.

They chose us after a substantial review of the possible suppliers. Littlewoods have been in business for over 70 years and some 1.6 million people bet with them every week. They are a very recognized and well-trusted brand in the U.K. Once again, our prior compliance efforts will enable us to accelerate time to market for Littlewoods.

IGN: Is there a target date for the Littlewoods online casino to go live?

Moss: Not yet, we are shooting for sometime this autumn.

IGN: What kind of long-range goals or implementation plans does the firm have in relation to the Isle of Man?

Moss: We've made a major investment in infrastructure in the Isle of Man but believe it will be well worth it in the long term.

CryptoLogic's key drivers include a move to regulatory environments such as the Isle of Man; a focus on major land-based licensees such as Littlewoods and a move to new vertical markets such as Bingo and Poker. We feel these vertical markets will give licensees access to a broader range of gaming products. Locating in the Isle of Man certainly fits into these plans and into the greater corporate strategic objectives.

Q & A: Jon Moss, CryptoLogic is republished from
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith