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Kevin Smith

New Territories for Victor Chandler

22 November 2002

Victor Chandler Worldwide has unveiled an aggressive strategy through which high-traffic, mainstream Web sites will play a vital role in boosting and maintaining the company's already large customer base.

On Thursday, the company announced the official launch of, a site that has been operational since its soft launch last month.

"True, most people in the U.K. and Ireland know who we are, but we can't just stand pat on that."
-Alison Digges
Victor Chandler Worldwide

The "hard" launch came two days after VCW entered into joint venture agreements through which and The Racing Post will incorporate Victor Chandler's online casinos into their sites.

With nearly 5 million registered accounts, is one of England's largest ISPs. The Racing Post is the leading sports betting and horseracing newspaper in the United Kingdom and Ireland; its daily circulation is more than 85,500. Its companion Web site is among the most popular betting information sites in Europe.

Both sites will integrate what Victor Chandler is billing as its "managed service" program, through which the company builds and operates casino products for sports, leisure and ISP portals.

Under the managed service program, VCW will provide the "skins" of games for online casinos by using the company's existing Java-based casino, which made its debut at more than a year ago.

The program is based on a two-pronged concept.

"We want to get our brand out there," VCW Sales and Marketing Manager Alison Digges said. "True, most people in the U.K. and Ireland know who we are, but we can't just stand pat on that. We still have to market to our audience. The other reason for doing this is to try and acquire new customers by partnering with high-level sites."

Digges said the relationships with Freeserve and The Racing Post will enable Victor Chandler to reach two separate audiences that are equally important.

Most visitors to are bettors looking for insight on racing and sporting events. Most know the Victor Chandler name, but many have never played at an online casino. In Freeserve, Digges said, VCW gets a partner that people know and trust.

"Most people, I think, will feel comfortable using an online casino that is promoted by their ISP," she said. "They will be safe and secure in the knowledge that this is a site that isn't going to rip them off."

" I'm sure this partnership model is the way the market is moving."
-Jeff Dunham
Victor Chandler Worldwide

Jeff Dunham, COO of the casino division at Victor Chandler Worldwide, believes the managed service approach will define the future of the market as mainstream sites seek safe, secure products for their visitors.

"There's no doubt Internet users like a flutter, and many sites want to offer them a gambling service," he said. "But until now, mainstream portals have been understandably worried about security."

Now, he said, sites can let companies that know the gambling industry handle the service side of it while at the same time enabling site operators to increase their revenue streams.

"By linking up with us, Freeserve and The Racing Post are able to let Victor Chandler offer secure gambling to their visitors without the expense of developing their own casino products," he said. "The customers are, in fact, transacting with VCW. I'm sure this partnership model is the way the market is moving. We certainly have many more similar partnerships to announce in the coming months."

The two casino products feature nine games, which can be played for fun or cash: European roulette, American roulette, Caribbean poker, video poker, Pai Gow poker, baccarat, craps, sicbo and blackjack. More games will be added.

Since its soft launch over a month ago, the VC Poker site has garnered much attention in the multiplayer poker community. Victor Chandler is counting on leveraging its brand to increase liquidity in the market. Players channeling in from Freeserve and The Racing Post are helping that cause as well.

Michael Carlton, CEO of Victor Chandler acknowledged that multiplayer poker sector has vast potential for growth.

"We expect poker to be one of the fastest growing elements in online gambling as a whole because of that human dimension," he said. "Quite simply, people love to play against each other. The software and backup systems we have in place should make the world's premier destination for fans of the game."

VC Poker features Texas Hold'em, with more games to be added in the near future. Those playing for money can buy in with as little as five cents a hand.

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Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith