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Kevin Smith

IQ-L, Phantom Fiber Partner to Produce Wireless Gambling Solutions

25 March 2003

I-gaming technology provider IQ-Ludorum announced Monday that it will soon offer wireless games to its licensees through a partnership with Phantom Fiber.

The new product, "IQ-Wireless," combines the gaming software structure of IQL with Phantom Fiber's wireless technology platform, Smart Streaming. IQ-Wireless will enable users to place real-time bets on casino games as well as sports and horseracing through their PDAs, cell phones and pocket PCs.

IQ-L will market and sell the system to its established clientele of casino and sports book operators.

Phantom Fiber, meanwhile, appears to be on the fast track to prominence in the interactive gaming community. Coming into the IQ-L deal, the company already had relationships with and Parlay Entertainment. IQ-L, however, is Phantom Fiber's first partner offering a full array of gambling services.

"IQ-Wireless represents a new benchmark in the provision of interactive wagering for the wireless market," said Jeff Halloran, president of Phantom Fiber. "In tandem with IQ-Ludorum's broad range of digital wagering applications, IQ-Wireless reinforces Phantom Fiber's commitment to empower enterprises through the provision of wireless applications delivering substantive value."

With an increasing number of wireless developers searching for new revenue streams, Halloran expects gambling to make quite a splash in the wireless technology community. And his company appears to have a head start on the competition.

"Online Gaming will be the key revenue driver behind the global adoption of wireless technology," he said. "Phantom Fiber is proud to partner with IQ-Ludorum, to deliver an exceptional product offering that is truly ground breaking in this flourishing market."

Halloran said the marketing and sales teams for IQ-L and Phantom Fiber will work hand in hand on the project. He said IQ-L is already in talks with some of its bigger licensees and he hopes to have deals in place by the end of the month.

The scalability of the system isn't an issue, he said, with Phantom Fiber able to adopt the platform to all of IQ-L's licensees if they all express an interest in the service.

The wireless platform communicates directly with existing account management and game server systems, enabling single account/dual platform access via the application's Internet extension.

To meet the unique branding and operational requirements of a diverse client base, IQ-Wireless is fully configurable, allowing for the customization of the interface for operators to create the same "look and feel" of their established online properties.

The application also incorporates integrated chat features providing live help support. Or gaming operators can direct their customers to a branded wireless micro site, providing new players with all of the information required for installing and playing the application.

John Roberts, the general manager of marketing for IQ-L, said many of IQ-L's licensees are located in jurisdictions in which access to wireless devices exceeds Internet access. Because of this, he said, wireless gaming could dominate the markets in these locations.

"IQ-Wireless enables our customers to offer a truly unique wagering experience to this largely untapped and lucrative market," he said. "Most importantly, this latest innovation furthers IQ-Ludorum's objective to give players true single account convenience across the full breadth of digital media devices."

IQ-L, Phantom Fiber Partner to Produce Wireless Gambling Solutions is republished from
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith