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Kevin Smith

Golden Palace Exposed

27 May 2003

Just when it appeared that had exhausted all the avenues for unique marketing ploys, the popular online casino has pulled yet another bigger and bolder trick out of its sleeve.

That was the case last Wednesday in Sevilla, Spain during the UEFA Cup final between Celtic and FC Porto when a streaker ran onto the field. Such a sight isn't unusual at European soccer matches, it's practically part of the game these days. The twist, however, came when the streaker undressed to reveal that the words "Golden Palace Online Casino" were painted on his back.

Moments before the second half was to start, the spectator ran onto the field wearing what appeared to be a referee's uniform. He immediately went to the real official and showed him a red card before pulling his clothes off. He then ran toward the Porto goal with the ball at his feet. He tried to take the ball around Porto goalkeeper Vitor Baia, but was denied and then quickly wrestled to the ground by security guards and taken away.

A spokesman with Golden Palace on Friday said the streaker wasn't a regular user of the site and wouldn't comment on how much, if it all, the streaker was paid for the advertisement.

In addition to getting the publicity from the actual game, which was televised live in primetime throughout Europe, Golden Palace was given extra publicity on Fox Sports World, which was carrying the game in North America. The broadcaster made a reference to the online casino as cameras showed the streaker running around the field.

If that wasn't enough, ESPN ran highlights of the streaker throughout Wednesday evening and night during its popular sports highlight program SportsCenter.

Golden Palace has made a name for itself in the sports marketing business. Nearly two years ago the site started to pay professional boxers for wearing temporary tattoos of the URL on their backs during bouts.

The site also has marketing agreements with U.S. shock jock Howard Stern and a number of entertainers who do everything from tricks of illusion to scaling monuments and skyscrapers.

The UEFA Cup stunt could turn out to be one of the more successful ones, according to Golden Palace. The spokesman said the site had "a little more traffic than usual" after the stunt and the subsequent media coverage.

One of the most telling signs of the ploy, though, was the amount of potential streakers that sent e-mails to Golden Palace wanting to be the next person to use his naked backside as a billboard.

The spokesman said the streaker wasn't arrested and is not facing any charges. After being wrestled down by security, he was escorted out of the stadium and let go.

"He was tempted to go in and do it a second time, (but) he had no ticket to get in," the spokesperson said.

Whether this was a one-time event or the first in a streak of streaks for Golden Palace remains to be seen. But considering the site's track record, it's a pretty good bet that unless another revolutionary idea is hatched right away, last week's soccer match probably won't be the last time the ploy is used.

"Stay tuned," the official said.

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Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith