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Jumbotron Ron

Atlantic City Is Still My Number One Option

9 October 2011

I live in the New Jersey area so I have the option of about six casino destinations that are all similar in distance from my home. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are about 130-140 miles north of me. Atlantic City is about 120 miles south of me. Yonkers is closer but not an option because it does not offer table games and I am an advantage craps player.

The SugarHouse casino is about 90 miles away, while the Sands and Parx casinos are both about 80 miles away but in different directions. With all these choices where should an advantage craps player go?

If you guessed Atlantic City, you are correct. Besides the fact that I have been running around AC since I was seven, it feels as if it is my home away from home. Here are my five top reasons why AC is my number one pick for gambling destinations in the Northeast.

1. More craps tables.

There are 12 casinos in AC compared to these other cities that are mostly one casino towns. Advantage craps play conditions depend on a few factors and one of them is being able to stay in rhythm and shoot in a reasonable time frame. Controlled shooters go to the casino to bet on themselves or other controlled shooters with an edge. We do not go to win on random rollers.

Random craps is a long run losing proposition and therefore not in the game plan. Controlled shooters with a verified edge have a dynamic advantage over the casino. That advantage has a better chance for success when you do not have to wait an hour for a packed table of random rollers to get the dice back.

AC has over 50 craps tables spread out through the city. If one place is too crowded, you try another place. Chances are, if you are selective, you will be able to find a table that is not too crowded and you will get the chance to bet into your edge properly. If I drive 80 miles to the Sands casino in Pennsylvania and all the tables are crowded, where else can I go, or what else can I do? I can either not play or drive another 50 miles to a casino that might be just as crowded or I can play in conditions with guys all over my back and that is just not conducive to making money.

In AC, I have many different options. This reason alone is enough for me to make AC my number one choice.

2. More hotel rooms.

What if a day trip turns into a "I don't feel like driving home" trip? Now, I want to spend the night. Atlantic City has over 17,000 hotel rooms in just the casino-hotels, not counting the many non-casino hotels and motels around the city. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun combined have about 3,600 rooms. The comparison is not even close. Sometimes after a long day of play I don't feel like driving 80 to 140 miles home, even though I hadn't originally planned on staying.

Right now I have comped rooms at 9 out of 12 AC casinos. Chances are if I want a room on the spot, I'm going to be able to get it for nothing more than paying the tax, which ranges from $5 to $13. Another benefit is many AC casinos have sister properties in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas! Due to the five-and-a-half-hour flight, and family obligations, I only get out there about twice a year. It is still very nice to be able to get a comped stay out west from my play in the east.

3. Convenience.

I really hate paying casino prices for anything. Comped food is nice, but I do not want to pay two for one with comps and then triple the price on top of that for deodorant, or a toothbrush. I would rather use my comps one for one at a casino restaurant.

In Atlantic City, I love the convenience of being able to walk out the front door of my casino and go to a liquor store, a clothing store, or a corner store and pay regular price. This is more for the boardwalk area, but even in the marina district you are a very short ride to everything you need. It is nice to have the option to walk around the corner and get a slice of pizza or have a nice meal not in a casino.

Chelsea Pizza and Angelo's Fairmount Tavern are two of my favorite non-casino places to eat in AC and they are both within walking distance of the casinos I frequent. I just don't like the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. I want to be able to walk out the door and go to a store, a bar, or restaurant and not pay triple the price for everything, whether it's comped or not.

4. Nightlife.

Granted, Philly is a big city with a great nightlife and some great food, but AC is a lot of fun too and I like the close proximity of everything to the casinos. I don't have to drive miles to the club. I can just go downstairs, next door, down the boardwalk, or take an $11 cab to the marina district.

The Pool at Harrahs, Mixx and Mur-Mur at Borgata, and Dusk at Caesars are a few of my favorite hangouts. My favorite bar is definitely 24 hour happy hour in The Wild West at Bally's. The drink prices are great all day, every day and they offer beer pong, a mechanical bull, and on the right night or day tons of eye candy. GameOn located in the Pier Shops at Caesars is a great sports bar that offers more than ninety HD televisions, with them in the urinal too! They also offer a mechanical bull (which I rode on), stadium and V.I.P. sky box seating, and plenty of beautiful woman. I like to call this place a man's paradise. What more can a man ask for besides money falling from the ceiling?

5. Atmosphere.

I love the atmosphere and the history of Atlantic City. The mix of city life and being right on the beach really gives you plenty of options in regards to enjoyment. You can hang out at the beach, the pool, the boardwalk, the game rooms, and the go carts. You can ride the roller coaster, play carnival games, see a show, or go to a nice restaurant like Cafe 2825, where the owner, Joe, straight from New York, is the nicest guy in the world.

I met Sammy Hagar in that restaurant right after the announcement of Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar at Bally's. To top the night off, you can go to a club like The Pool at Harrahs, a comedy show at The Tropicana, or you can always just gamble anywhere you want. I am very relaxed when I am sitting at the beach bar in the summer sipping a pina colada with a pocket full of hundreds enjoying life and debating whether I should just stay for the summer like they did in the old days.

My seven-year-old son Branden's favorite thing to do in AC doesn't cost a dollar. We go to the beach with our ball and gloves and I throw fly balls from one side of the beach to the other just enough out of his reach that he gets to dive for it on the sand. He'll run back and forth making diving catches all day; he loves it. When that gets old the go carts, pool, and arcades come in handy.

Competition may be up and revenue and volume down, but Atlantic City is still one of my favorite places, especially in the summer. I love sitting 30 stories up in my suite or in the Bally's Diamond Club with my friends overlooking the boardwalk and God's great creation, the Atlantic Ocean. Man's work can be great, but God's work is amazing.

There are some amazing views in Atlantic City. I have friends from all over the country that are controlled shooters that come to Atlantic City to meet up with me, have a good time, enjoy the atmosphere, and most important, make some money.

There's JB from Florida, Big Joe from Toronto, DBR from NC, B-Man from Vegas, Fredo, Mike the Muscle, Big Tony and Rob, Jay, Jimmy, The Natural, The King of The Hilton, Slamming Sammy from WV, and even fellow guru Section 8 from Texas has come to AC and run around and made money with Jumbotron Ron.

I feel like a diplomat when I'm holding court on the boardwalk or overlooking the Atlantic in the Diamond Club with my buddies discussing our game plan over lunch. I love meeting up with my fellow advantage players from all over the country. These guys have money-making shots and they know how to play.

Every once in a while I get to play with the players I learned from, Frank Scoblete, Dominator, Skinny, Nick@Night, and The Stickman. These guys are also known as The Five Horseman or more recently The Kings of Atlantic City. These guys remind me more of the wise men. When they talk, I listen.

AC is big enough that you have plenty of options and small enough that there is no telling who you will be playing with or who you will run into. The next time you are on the boardwalk or in the marina district and somebody ask what brings you to Atlantic City? You tell 'em, Jumbotron sent ya'.

Jumbotron Ron
Known as Jumbotron Ron on the East and Nevada Ron on the West, he is a advantage dice controller who spends much of his time in the casinos playing with his team The Hitmen and various advantage players from Golden Touch Craps. Known for legendary rolls on both coast he has also been dubbed "Mr. Lucky" and the "Mayor" of the boardwalk by various casino personnel.
Jumbotron Ron
Known as Jumbotron Ron on the East and Nevada Ron on the West, he is a advantage dice controller who spends much of his time in the casinos playing with his team The Hitmen and various advantage players from Golden Touch Craps. Known for legendary rolls on both coast he has also been dubbed "Mr. Lucky" and the "Mayor" of the boardwalk by various casino personnel.