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Emily D. Swoboda

The IGN Data Hub - Feb 2, 2000

2 February 2000

Who's Really Playing?

Online gambling sites aren't attracting many big spenders, according to Greenfield Online's "What Are The Odds?" study. The majority of players, 81 percent, play for free. At the same time, 66% of those who play for money are only willing to spend up to $10 each visit. Meanwhile, those gambling in a casino are apt to drop $300 per visit, the survey found.

While a quarter of the respondents said it's more fun to gamble in a casino, online casinos are visited three times more often than their brick and mortar counterparts.

Demand for Outsourced IT Professional Continues

Even though Y2K issues are over, businesses are still eager to contract IT professionals for projects that had been put on hold, according to a survey by COMSYS of 100 U.S. chief information officers. In fact, most companies will spend as much this year for information technology as they did last year. Additionally, due to shortages of IT staff, 84 percent of large firms and 76 percent of mid-sized companies are looking for outside IT assistance.

Top Ten List for December 1999 MediaMetrix has reported that the top ten online site or networks during December 1999 were:

  1. America Online
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Microsoft
  4. Lycos
  5. ExciteAtHome
  6. Go Network (
  8. NBC Internet
  10. Time Warner

Better Commercials vs. More Game

It was a slow week in terms of surveys so we're throwing in a few fun ones to tickle your brain.

As usual, the advertisements run during the Super Bowl generated nearly as much publicity this year as the clash between professional football's top two teams., a free games site, asked its registered players to rate the ads that were shown during the big game.

The results of the survey:

  • Most Effective: E*Trade
  • Funniest:
  • Most Creative: E*Trade
  • Biggest Waste of Money: WWF Entertainment
  • Most Memorable: Anheuser-Busch
  • Favorite Internet-Related Ad: E*Trade polled 10,746 players and found that 5,858 enjoyed the game most, while 4,608 preferred the commercials.


Another survey from Innis Maggiore Group asked residents of Canton, OH--a town you would suppose knows a thing or two about professional football--residents to list their top ten favorite ads shown during the Super Bowl:

  1. Anheuser-Busch, "Rex the Dog"
  2. Pepsico/Mountain Dew, "Biker"
  3. Federal Express, "Delivery to Oz"
  4. Nuveen, "Christopher Reeves Walks"
  5. E*Trade, "Monkeys"
  6. EDS, "Cat Herders"
  7. Anheuser-Busch, "Baby Clydesdale"
  8. Anheuser-Busch, "Only the Best for Fred"
  9. 7-Up, "Make 7-Up Yours"
  10. Anheuser-Busch, "Wayne Gretzky"
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Emily D. Swoboda
Emily D. Swoboda