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Emily D. Swoboda

Say Hello to Wintingo

22 February 2007

A new draw site is offering unique partnership opportunities to I-gaming operators.

Curacao-licensed launched on Jan. 18. The site sells players chances to win prizes, such as celebrity trips and tickets to award shows, for a set entry price. It also sets a limit on the number of tickets available, giving players the benefit of a fixed-odds chance to win their prize. The prizes are arranged by Quintessentially, a multi-national concierge service with access and connections to VIP events and travel.

Moshe Adir,'s affiliate and sales manager, founded the concept, but it is run and managed by Clickology Interactive, a UK-based marketing company.

Having launched recently, the company is waiting to implement its marketing strategy, Adir said.

"We're pretty much in a beta launch at the moment, so we really haven't pumped it with too much marketing yet because we have been tweaking the system and getting a lot of initial user feedback and seeing what kind of support questions we've gotten," Adir said.

In the meantime, is offering the I-gaming industry several unique opportunities to offer its prizes and Adir said they have already had quite a bit of interest.

"From an industry feedback perspective, we've been speaking to all of the operators and a few of the gaming software providers, and they're very interested in plugging into their systems so they can sell tickets directly under their users' wallets, and they'd do the processing themselves," Adir said. "So, that's been an interesting new spin on the product." has built an affiliate partner system in which an affiliate can sign up and instantly get a page.

Affiliates can brand the site, offer prizes that cater to their traffic levels, control which prize is going to feature on the home page and which prize they are going to feature first.

"We offer them up to 60 percent of the selling price of each ticket," Adir said. "It's also annuity based, so they'll earn off of every ticket that's purchased." has also built a full-partner system, which has just been launched, and they are in the process of signing up 33 corporate site and poker site partners.

"It's across the board, so we can see which traffic works best," Adir said. "So, the partners are all launching those now and that will increase our traffic."

Finally, they have built a Flash-based mini system that plugs directly into casino, bingo and poker software. It uses XML feeds from the servers and enables mini users to run their own draws on their own system and process everything in-house, all for a monthly commission paid to

"We've had interest from very big operators that we are negotiating with," Adir said. "Everybody's actually very interested in it. What they like about it is that there is no risk involved. We don't charge them to get it up. The prizes run across the whole network of all the different partners, so they don't have to worry about selling a whole prize out themselves. The whole network sells those prizes out together." has only a handful of prizes on offer right now, but as those prizes close they will be launching more onto the system.

"We've done deals with Playboy," Adir said. "We've done deals with a lot of interesting brands and we're going to be supplying a lot of different types of prizes through them."

Adir said has gone into a soft launch stage and taken on only minimal traffic at this point because they want to fix any glitches before they fully launch.

"At the moment it's just us getting into the market and making sure the system is tweaked enough before we give it a hardcore bang," Adir said. "And that will be coming up very shortly. We look forward to the response and feedback from people." does not take U.S. play.

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Emily D. Swoboda
Emily D. Swoboda