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David Newstead

The World Cup through the eyes of a casino player

21 June 2010

The World Cup dominates all at the moment. As the globe's most popular game it's no surprise that when 32 of the best teams meet up to thrash it out that the eyes of the world turn on the host nation, televisions, pubs, flag shops and go, let's face it, slightly nuts for a while. It is an event that isn't lost on the gaming community and every spare space on websites is filled with World Cup specials. Online casinos are no exceptions, but what's in it for casino players?

Online casinos and the World Cup never seemed to mix well in my opinion. Isn't it possible that some online casino players, as online casino players rather than sportsbook punters, don't like sport? Regardless of that, the internet's casinos are busily churning out cashback promos during (usually woeful) England games, or offer a free bet on the outright winner of the Cup if you, say, remortgage your house and spend the lot on slots... Personally I prefer the standard, normal, no hoop jumping required, casino bonus: deposit, get a hefty lump of it in free money and enjoy. Call me a traditionalist...But rather than bemoan and point out the foibles of some the "special" World Cup bets in casinos, I thought I'd look at the World Cup from a calculating, hardcore casino player's point of view.

What do I mean? Well, for example, given the predisposition for England keepers to flap the ball into their own nets and the players having all the enthusiasm as the French do for military conflict, England are 11/1 to lift the Cup. That's the same as a street bet on roulette, i.e. 3 neighbouring numbers. Because Brazil can actually pass, run with the ball and generally score/play football they are 4/1 to win the whole shebang. Alternatively you could play 3 card poker and hope to get a three of a kind for the same sort of return. And anyone that's played 3 card poker knows that three of a kinds come as often as total eclipses, or, say, England wins in this World Cup. And that takes us nicely to England draws, of which the team has become dab hands.

The safe money is on another stalemate, especially as Slovenia - England's next, and probably final, opponents - need just 1 point to secure their place in the next round. The draw pays out at 3/1 at most bookies, which is almost the payout of a successful 'dozen bet' on a roulette table and a simultaneous bet on either red or pretty much a dead cert then...but if you like life on the edge and big returns then you could bet on Ledley King to score first and get 33/1, which is 2 points less than a win on a straight up bet in roulette, and that's even with the crocked defender, true to form, out with injury. In summary: if you want to win big you could either bet on a broken defender to make a miraculous recovery, run up the pitch and score a goal before anyone else...or bet on your favourite roulette number and win more. Roulette it is.

Whatever game you choose to play or bet on, make sure you get all the latest information and the best odds. Check out a number of online bookies and get the best deal you can, and only play at recommended online casinos, if you fancy roulette over Ledley! You can check out my online casino review website for the best sites to play roulette at, but if you're really in a hurry – so you have plenty of time to catch Ledley King score a hatrick (500/1) against Slovenia and England to win 5-0 (66/1) now I've written off the team's chances – then try Jackpot Games.
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