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Gaming Guru

David Newstead

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth worth the hype

2 December 2009

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth is the much talked about slot development that has been rolled out across all Microgaming powered casinos this week, but what makes this game so special, so groundbreaking, and, ultimately, can we believe all the hype?

Well, having played it over the last few days I can confirm that Microgaming have taken a classic slot and genuinely added something exceptional, something that may well change the way slots are made in the future. In fact it could well be the start of a whole new genre of multiplayer casino games with increasingly interactive features...

In a nutshell, Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth allows you to join 5 other players playing the same slot, with each other's reels visible. Watch as others win and, more importantly, share that winning feeling with them through the chat feature as you hit big symbol combos. Admittedly it won't appeal to everyone. Those people who prefer personal isolation when spinning the reels will probably shy away, but those who enjoy sharing a casino experience, like those found chatting at blackjack tables or battling it out across slot tournament leaderboards will no doubt love it. I can officially say for the first time online I experienced that shared, communal feeling you get at offline casinos and I like it. I really like it!

But there's more to this game. It's not just any old slot, it just so happens to be based on one of my all-time favourites. Microgaming have taken the classic Wheel of Wealth (Special Edition) slot machine and worked its magic.

Essentially it functions like the classic game, allowing players to rest assured of a solid slot experience over 5 reels and 25 paylines, with great wins and bonuses helping players to big coin wins. The coup de grace is the game's central feature - the fantastic wheel of fortune style bonus. In the multiplayer variant the bonus is triggered randomly and all those playing are invited to place a peg on the wheel. The wheel is divided into sections that denote multiplier amount and your winnings are determined by which multiplier lands next to your peg and the number of multiplier points collected during spins on the reel. With wins as big as 100,000 coins it is safe to say this game hasn't been created for novelty value alone, but is a genuine and totally new way of hitting the big time in online slots.

So if this sounds like your kind of thing, then don't miss out – give it a spin today. As with any casino game though you should make sure you play at only the best casino for you. Do the research, starting with the obvious factor…join a Microgaming casino as Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth is only available at casinos powered by their software. Enjoy!

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