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David Newstead

Do lucky casinos exist?

20 October 2010

We often hear in the many casino forums that a player has a lucky slot or a lucky casino, which naturally means he or she will frequent that game or operator the most, but is it really true? Is it all in the mind and a false perception of wins over losses, or can someone genuinely have a lucky casino?

Many online casinos share the same games, either taking onboard a manufacturer's entire suite of games or cherry-picking from the best providers to create a unique mix. Regardless of the order or combination these games are offered to players, they should all perform the same way, whether you play at a big brand casino or a small one. Hitting a big win, in effect, is just a matter of luck alone (and skill in some casino games) and nothing else, and is dependent solely on the game rather than the casino.

However that's not to say perception doesn't play a part, as one big, lucky win can mean more capital, and the more you have in your balance the more likely you are to be able to stick at the reels or table and to hit another big one, or at least make it seem that way...

So can someone have a lucky game? Yup, absolutely. In fact some are designed to be luckier than others, with better theoretical payout percentages. That means players either a) know about the games or b) through trial and experimentation naturally gravitate towards them in time and thus creating a lucky, or more accurately a luckier game. There are of course simply just those lucky random wins that can accumulate to make a game seem luckier than it really is, but that is, after all, the essence of gambling.

Either way, if you're winning somewhere, regardless of whether the games are shared across a network, you're not going to stop playing there, and why would you! But bear in mind though, once you're up on a casino many operators are unlikely to reward you in a way you maybe accustomed to, with deposit offers drying up and free chips none existent. It was a pleasant surprise then, after winning €5,000+ at Jackpot Games casino on my first couple of deposits - putting me way up on them - that a few days after I was presented with free slot machine spins.

So yes, a player can have a lucky game, but not a lucky casino as they all share the same games and all work to the same payout percentages. However, a lucky a game should always be backed up by a quality online casino, one that will payout in full and in a timely fashion, one that will not resent your win but will welcome you back and reward you for your continued custom. After all, a big win on a lucky game means nothing if the casino makes it hard for you to enjoy it.

This kind of quality service is not the preserve of Jackpot Games alone, with a number of great online casinos offering a similar service. Check them all out at - my casino review site and you'll find only the best on the web, with quick payments, generous rewards and good games the standard.
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