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CM Jones

Are online slots developers becoming lazy?

17 August 2010

We've all seen it too many times and we've seen it at many online casinos. What are we talking about? We're talking about the blatant in house copying of slot game mechanics. Each slot game has a skeleton behind it that consists of bonus games, pay out percentages and prizes. It doesn't require a slot Sherlock to work out when developers have been incredibly lazy and simply changed the graphics on one slot to create a new slot.

Do these slot developers think that we won't notice that they have released the same slot game, or that we will play a game just because it's got different graphics after we've got tired of exactly the same game? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, this practice of recycling rubbish slot games suggests to us that casinos either think that by offering more casino games they've got more of a chance of capturing the occasional player, or they just think that slot players are stupid. Either way this practice has to end now.

When you look at the love and dedication that goes into making a top slot game like Rainbow Riches or Cleopatra, you can see how carefully everything has been thought out to give the player a top gaming experience, so even when the said slot game takes your money you've had so much fun you simply don't care. The competition with the Online Gaming software developers is heating up like a frank discussion between Obama and BP, it's time for the slots developers to sit up and take note and listen to the fans, believe it or not Online slots fans are a serious bunch and well educated, it is only a matter of time before people start shouting about it even louder.


CM Jones is a dedicated online slots author. Her aim is to provide the slots paying public the inside information on all aspects of online gaming.
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