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Chris Sieroty

Cantor Gaming launches Wi-Fi sports wagering in Nevada

10 August 2012

LAS VEGAS -- Cantor Gaming today will launch a Wi-Fi enabled sports betting service that allows gamblers to place a bet from anywhere in Nevada.

The Las Vegas-based company said the network doesn't require 3G or 4G location capabilities, allowing customers to use personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to place a bet using any Wi-Fi network.

"This ultimate convenience enhances the gaming experience for our customers," said Lee Amaitis, president and CEO of Cantor Gaming.

Amaitis said introducing Wi-Fi enabled sports wagering was a natural next step after the release of the company's Android sports betting app in October.

Cantor Gaming assured customers the Wi-Fi service is secure and is embedded with sophisticated data-encryption technology.

"The technology identifies the location of its users and restricts usage to within the state of Nevada, compliant with Nevada and federal regulations," the company said in a statement.

Customers must have an account with Cantor Gaming before they can use the app. Cantor Gaming operates seven race and sports books in Las Vegas.
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