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Chris Jones

Barrick Eyes Plaza Bus Terminal Site for Redevelopment

7 July 2004

Next month's planned reductions in Greyhound Lines' bus schedule isn't the only big change that could soon affect the company's Nevada passengers.

Barrick Gaming Corp., which recently acquired the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas, hopes to someday push the Dallas-based bus operator from its longtime home at 200 S. Main St., Barrick President Stephen Crystal said Tuesday.

"It's no secret that our view is the highest and best use of that real estate is not to house a Greyhound bus terminal," Crystal said. "That location is right in the center of where all the major redevelopment activities are going to occur downtown and it's a location where we expect to expand our (Plaza) casino-hotel, do a high-rise condominium development and accommodate the new intermodal facility."

Greyhound has a long-term lease for the site, however, and company spokeswoman Kim Plaskett said it has not been contacted regarding a possible relocation.

Crystal confirmed his company has not yet discussed a move with Greyhound but will likely present a relocation plan to the Dallas-based bus operator sometime in the next few months. He expects the proposed move would be a cooperative process involving the city of Las Vegas and Regional Transportation Commission.

Barrick hopes to place Greyhound in a proposed downtown transportation hub that would house light rail, monorail and local and long-distance bus services.

"Those are all part of developing a true urban center," Crystal said.

While some have suggested the bus depot and its sometimes seedy clientele are bad for downtown redevelopment, Crystal said the caliber of Greyhound's customers is not an issue with Barrick executives.

"You only have one opportunity to do (downtown redevelopment) right, so we want to find long-term solutions and not build around existing situations that are not optimal," Crystal said.