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Top 10 most-read columns by Henry Tamburin

2 October 2017

If you play blackjack, odds are you know of Henry Tamburin.

He's been a figure in the gambling scene for years, putting out thousands of articles and dozens of books with the blackjack player in mind. They detail card counting, bankroll management, basic blackjack strategy – you name it.

And, at the end of this year, the blackjack expert and Casino City gaming guru will be retiring.

Since he's been going at it for over four decades, we think he's earned it. To send him on his way, here are the top 10 most popular articles he's written over the years.

10. Ten mistakes blackjack players should avoid
Tamburin provides a straightforward set of steps that will go a long way toward helping any aspiring – or studied – blackjack players improve their game.

9. Best Mississippi blackjack games
Tamburin details the contrasts between games of blackjack in Mississippi's largest gaming areas, the Gulf Coast and Tunica.

The changes, he admits, seem small. But paying attention can, as always, be the difference between victory and defeat.

These articles will improve your game.

These articles will improve your game.

8. Be careful when you play blackjack
As with all activities in which it is possible to lose money, one should use some measure of caution. Tamburin stresses the importance of paying attention to the rules, which aren't as cut-and-dry as they've been in the past.

Shuffling differences and other player-unfriendly changes may have made it vital to re-evaluate your technique, he says.

7. Blackjack tournament tips
Even tournament players are bound to slip up, as evidenced by Tamburin's experience in a $10,000 event. He brings the follies of these players to the fore so that you may learn from their mistakes.

6. 21 things you should never say or do when you play blackjack
This list of 21 things isn't just about treating your dealer and fellow players with respect – it's about being on your best game and avoiding strategies or habits that will sink your chances of winning.

5. Chances of hitting the royal flush
The people want to know: What are the chances?! Luckily, math has your back when it comes to providing hard answers.

4. Splitting 10s: Smart or dumb?
It may sound logical, but is it really the best move? Tamburin elaborates, offering percentages and statistical data, leaving no room for doubt on the answer.

3. Blackjack training tools
Learn standard technique or brush up on the basics with this selection of training websites and software. These cover a pretty wide swathe of what you'll need to know, from basic strategy to the nuances of card counting.

Is card counting legal?

Is card counting legal?

2. Basics of blackjack tournaments
With the rising number of casinos offering blackjack tournaments, Tamburin thinks it's important to go over the basic format, which can differ slightly from non-tournament blackjack.

1. Is card counting legal?
No matter how many years go by, this is a question that crops up again and again. At its core, card counting is a system that lets players keep track of certain cards that have been played and which, on the surface, sounds pretty innocuous. But casinos have their own rules about card counting, as it gives the player a slightly higher edge. Many gaming jurisdictions continue to debate this method of play.

Even so, Tamburin tackles this thorny situation with practiced ease. After all, he's been doing this for decades.
Abby Messick

Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.
Abby Messick
Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.