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Vera Sanchez
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Win the MVP of Craps Play

17 November 2012

By Vera Sanchez

Saints quarterback Drew Brees attained history during Monday Night Football when he surpassed Johnny Unitas’ record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, and the Manning brothers are quarterbacks in the game that will, nonetheless, build a valuable mark in the NFL as well. Still, there were numerous QBs that raised the stakes of what it takes to be dynamite at one’s position. Such All-Stars include John Elway, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner, Brett Favre and Steve Young.

I am a San Diego Charger fan. The only time San Diego reached the Super Bowl was during the 1994 season. The team was led by gritty head coach Bobby Ross. Since this was a major deal, my family decided to host a party for the occasion. My uncle Rick custom designed a five-foot lightning bolt crafted of wood. My dad hired a DJ so he could show off his famous gymnastic move, the splits, during disco songs and commercial breaks. My cousins and I wore matching AFC champion t-shits. The girls waving their blue and gold pompoms, and the boys hugging their mini-size footballs as if they were ready to play in the big game.

Yet, even though we prepared for an entertaining event, at the tender age of fourteen, I drastically witnessed 49er QB Young pick apart an aggressive SD defense during Super Bowl XXIX. At a rapid pace, Young flung his first of six TD passes by the third play of the game. The six TD passes would, to this day, stand as a commendable Super Bowl record.

Throughout the lopsided game, Young consistently noticed miss matches with his receivers, open men down the field, and vulnerable defensive coverage, all while adjusting his throw in order to earn six points on the scoreboard. He tossed the pigskin over heads and through hands, working the ball around an infuriating defender so that Young could hit his target. At times, he would also have a clear lane in the end zone with no defender present, completing the play effortlessly. Granted, there were a few drives where Young didn’t hit his receiver or complete a touchdown pass. However, by the end of the game, he became both the NFL and Super Bowl MVP.

As a dice controller, when throwing at your spot at a craps table, whether it be from SL or SR, the shooter (QB) may not always have a clear end zone (landing spot). There are always chicken feeders (defenders) who throw in late bets, wave their hands, and pile chips exactly on the target. A skilled craps shooter learns to throw around or over any object in order to land the dice inches before the back wall and thus maintain a successful roll. Though it may be distracting, it should never get in the way of your physical or mental game. Trust your throw and remain focus. At the end of your enormous roll, know that your MVP trophies (chips) are waiting.
Vera Sanchez
Vera Sanchez is a member of Golden Touch Craps and belongs to a distinctive group in the largely male world of craps – a female dice controller and advantage player. She was born and raised in San Diego. She graduated from San Diego State University with her bachelor’s degree in English and later with a master’s degree in Education. She is currently a high school English and Literature teacher in the San Diego area as well as a basketball coach.