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Harrah’s Buys Harveys

27 April 2001

That was the buzz all day yesterday, coming first to me from a casino source... and then the evening news, and there it was this morning, splashed all over the front of the one Tahoe legend buys the other Tahoe legend, leaving a different air of excitement at the lake as locals and tourists alike wonder out loud about what it holds in store for them in the future... Which won’t be evident until the deal passes all the regulatory agencies that have to approve it... street estimates put that event into play around July or August, with the same panel of "experts" predicting sometime around November as a good bet for the entire deal to finalize.

Meanwhile, the "creeping" wall surrounding the remodeling zone has moved again, revealing more of the new Harrah’s Lake Tahoe which is one heckuva sight... with the dark wood trim and the elegance and a new extraordinary bar.... I found myself gawking.... It was really a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and design... something worth walking over to see at 4 am... Rumor has it this phase of remodeling will be completed sometime in mid-May.

Caesars Tahoe has some new slots for the nickel enthusiast... with the Munsters, and Neon Lights... but the most unique ones appealing to the fun-loving gambler in me would have to be the two from Anchor Gaming, both Flip Flop machines with three games on them... Clam Dive, Turtle Beach, and Firefly Bonus . They feature high resolution graphic bonus screens with some pretty fascinating bonus features... You can play a maximum of 25 nickels on these. They are currently parked against the outer wall of the Planet Hollywood inside Caesars Tahoe...

Harveys is going to rock the lake again this summer... the name Mellencamp has been rumored to be among the outdoor lineup this year... for those who don’t remember or weren’t here last summer, they had two days of the best of the best out in their parking lot, two nights in a row... that took corporate and guests back in time when everyone was young... to a time when we had few worries, and probably fewer cares... and it was a moment captured a second time in the nature of events.

Horizon Casino will be gearing up for their outdoor season in a matter of weeks now, with the first outdoor Crafts Fair being held Memorial Day weekend, followed by the "Tahoe Truckin’ Fun" just a few weeks beyond that in June.... It will be a time of hot hot hot slots and cool weather and all kinds of events going on outdoors, as the mountain emerges slowly from the chill of winter... you will find many slots unique only to the Horizon... like CDS’ Jackpot Bingo, which is a fun nickel progressive with two meters... one for a 30-nickel jackpot... over $700,000 this morning.... or one for a 15-nickel jackpot, that was over $218,000.

Lakeside Inn has the only progressive nickel and quarter keno games on this side of the lake... The one quarter version (takes four...) is over $14,000 for an eight, nine, or ten-spot win with all coins in.... and there is a hefty little nine-spot for four quarters that is over $16,000... if you prefer a smaller, more intimate gaming experience, the Lakeside is a good place to go... and if you like video keno, or live keno... there isn’t much of a choice!

Another important date comes with this article... making #52 of Tahoe to you... from a gambler, for a gambler, by a gambler... HAPPY FIRST YEAR TO ALL!

Speaking of the progressive jackpots around the lake, after 446 days of putting the jackpots online every day from all of the above casinos, I had to quit. Without the funds, it was eating the last bit of me away dollar by dollar after a major financial artery was torn from me with less than a few days notice at the end of March. Happily, I have proposals being written at this very moment that will restore the jackpots as I have to phase out the word "free" when it comes to the casinos... as they sign and sponsor, the jackpots will return... and somehow I don't think it will be too long before the days comes when once again every casino has a high degree of interactivity... and a new identifying tag... as a sponsor... I am a fighter... and I am a survivor... and am leaving you with the Tahoe news above to feed your desire... to come see our emerging new face.... to view the face of change even as it happens... making Tahoe one of the more desirable places to put on your must visit destinations no matter what time of year.

For high altitude gambling with a view....