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The Reel Life

29 July 2010

The Reel Life likes to think we're movie buffs, and one of our all-time favorites is 1994's "Blank Check." A Florida man must have also been a fan, because he tried to recreate the film, but did not succeed.

"Blank Check" is about a 12-year-old kid who, when handed a blank check from a man who just hit him with his car, goes to the bank and cashes it for one million dollars. This is allowed because of another subplot involving a different $1 million check. It's not exactly Oscar-winning stuff. The kid then buys a mansion and a limo and a go-cart track and a bunch of other items a 12-year-old would buy.

Justin Johnson, 21, also got handed a blank check. He also went to a bank and tried to cash it for $1 million. However, since this is real life, his scheme did not work.

According to the Greene County Daily World, "Johnson said a blank check was given to him the day before by a man he had done some work for. Johnson allegedly filled the check out, knowing it was not supposed to be written for one million dollars, signed the man's name and attempted to cash it."

Johnson was arrested and charged with one count of forgery. He was being held on $10,000 bond.

The Reel Life applauds Mr. Johnson for at least shooting for the stars, but the next time he forges a check, he should probably aim a little lower.

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