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The Reel Life

29 April 2010

The Reel Life has never burglarized a veterinarian's office to fund our online slots habit. But if we did, we'd make sure not to inject ourselves with tranquilizers.

According to The Anniston Star, an 18-year-old Florida man is under arrest after police investigating a burglary found him found sleeping inside Bonny Brook Veterinary Clinic.

Roman Angel Salinas appeared to have injected himself with Xylazine, a drug used as a sedative for large animals.

Salinas also seemed to make himself at home, according to veterinary assistant Leigh Anne Moody.

"He took one of our laptops and was watching porn and taking pictures of it with our camera," Moody said.

Salinas sampled food from an office refrigerator and watched TV as well. He was charged with burglary, and was still drowsy from the drug when they found them, according to Police Chief Tommy Thompson.

Well, you can't say that Roman Angel Salinas didn't go out with a blaze of glory.

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