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The Reel Life

24 November 2009

As you may know, The Reel Life loves slots. You can even say that we have personal connection with some games that we play more often than others. But we've never had the urge to marry any of these games.

According to the Post Chronicle, a man has married his virtual girlfriend from a Japanese video game. The man, who is known by the online name SAL9000, met his mate from a dating simulation game called "Love Plus."

The Post Chronicle says that the man fell in love with "virtual girl named Nene Anegasaki, one of the three available characters in Love Plus, and plans to hold a public wedding reception in Tokyo." The Chronicle claims "Nene Anegasaki is truly the perfect woman in every way. She only talks back when he plays Mommy, and is hot between the virtual sheets for the man who deserves it all."

The game is also known for turning its users "into absolute fanatics."

There is no word on where the newlyweds will go on their honeymoon.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

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