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Jackpots galore at Table Mountain Casino

29 June 2009

FRIANT, California -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- All eyes were eagerly watching the Massive Cash Meter at Table Mountain Casino ... and for good reason! Table Mountain Casino Club Card holders know that Massive Cash Jackpots are guaranteed to hit between $20,000 and $50,000.

The Massive Cash Jackpot Meter was nearing $50,000...

Lorraine of Fresno was playing a nickel machine with her Club Card at a lucky time. A whopping $48,669 Massive Cash Random Jackpot hit with her name on it. Lorraine, a long time player with Table Mountain Casino exclaimed, "Wow! I won!"

The anticipation of the Massive Cash Random Jackpot paid off for Lorraine ...but she was not the only one. After Lorraine's Jackpot payout, the Massive Cash Jackpot meter returned to the minimum value starting point of $20,000.

Just a few short hours later, the Jackpot Randomly Struck AGAIN paying Jacqueline of Fresno, a Massive Cash Jackpot of $21,357!!! She was playing on a penny slot machine. When asked how she was feeling about her win, "Very nervous, excited ...I feel very hot!"

Winner Jacqueline of Fresno says, "It's for real! People really win!"

Massive Cash and Rapid Bonus are two EXCITING reward features of Table Mountain Casino's Mega Mountain Jackpots, and are exclusive only for Table Mountain Casino Club Players. These random jackpots can occur on any of Table Mountain Casino's 2,000 slot machines, from pennies to high limit! No winning combination on the machine is necessary to win with Mega Mountain Jackpots! Massive Cash rewards are paid in CASH! Rapid Bonus rewards are paid in FREE BONUS PLAY!

Massive Cash is guaranteed to hit between $20,000 and $50,000!

Rapid Bonus is guaranteed to hit several times every HOUR!

Table Mountain Casino President and CEO John Mayewski added that, "Mega Mountain Jackpots are exclusive RANDOM REWARDS that we are proud to offer only at Table Mountain Casino! Two Massive Cash Jackpots in one day is great news for our Guests and Club Players, demonstrating that these jackpots are in fact won completely at random! They can happen at ANY time, on ANY slot machine for ANY Club Member who is playing with their Club card. Congratulations to Lorraine and Jacqueline on their BIG Massive Cash WINS!"

It Pays To Play At Table Mountain Casino!

Mega Mountain Jackpots are only offered at Table Mountain Casino. No other Central Valley casino offers anything that approaches this type of random payout! There is no minimum bet required to win any of the Mega Mountain Jackpots.

To learn more about Table Mountain Casino or to become a member of the Player's Club for your chance to win the Mega Mountain Jackpots, please visit or call (559) 822-7777.

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