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2 June 2006

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Two thumbs up at the movies could mean a fistful of dollars for bettors. This week, has started to offer wagers on whether Chicago Sun-Times film critics Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper will give favorable, mixed or unfavorable reviews during their weekly syndicated television show.

"In providing a narrative critique, filled with lively debate and sometimes even a little lighthearted banter, film critics Ebert and Roeper have become a pop-culture phenomenon," says's Founder and CEO Calvin Ayre, who recently starred in a major network television show of his own, Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker Series . "We are all film critics to some degree and since most of us will never get a chance to make our movie picks on national TV, having a small stake in the outcome of Ebert and Roeper's recommendations is the next best thing."

Bettors can begin making their predictions on how movies will fare with this week's episode of "Ebert & Roeper", which will feature reviews of "The Omen" and "The Break-up". The maximum amount that can be wagered on's novelty props is $100.

The odds for "The Omen" in the Sportsbook are:

Two Thumbs Up - 1/1

Two Thumbs Down - 3/2

Split Decision - 8/5

For "The Break-up", the odds are:

Two Thumbs Up - 9/5

Two Thumbs Down - 3/2

Split Decision - 1/1

"The Omen" is a remake of the 1976 horror classic that starred Gregory Peck. The updated version premieres on Tuesday and stars Julia Stiles as the mother of the devil child named Damien. In "The Break-up", which opens on June 9, Jennifer Aniston stars with off-screen love interest Vince Vaughn in a romantic comedy.

After hearing the news of weekly wagers being offered on his reviews, Roeper commented on the issue in his column in Thursday's Sun-Times.

"You're probably hoping I'll give you the results in advance so you can take advantage of a sure thing - but those movies won't be reviewed until this weekend's `Ebert & Roeper,' and as everyone knows, we do the show live on Saturday night, in the balcony of a real movie theater," he wrote.

For a list of all the odds, and a host of other reality show and entertainment props, see:

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