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8 March 2006

(PRESS RELEASE) -- According to the popular online bingo site,, there is more than jackpots involved in the world of internet bingo games. The attraction is really a broad aspect of features including chat, slots and of course bingo balls. Players from all over the world (mostly the United States and the UK) are getting to the computers on the week nights rather than heading out to popular bingo halls and parlors. The appeal of being able to play the game anywhere you wish is one of many factors attributed to the growing popularity of online bingo games. It is not uncommon at all for a bingo room to have several hundred players gaming at once on any given night of the week.

"We have seen people you would never have expected to find online chatting and picking cards for hours. It's really a fun and laid back atmosphere for players to come talk with new cyber friends and collect some lucrative jackpots," commented Vice President of Player Support Mike Jacobs of

Like BingoSuite, many new online bingo parlors are becoming the main stop for a night's fun and leisure spending for millions of people across the map. It's becoming a much wider demographic of players and surprisingly, Jacobs tells us more and more men are finding the games enjoyable and relaxing. "We have some really neat Slots and games for players looking to try their luck and double up on the night's winnings. There is really something for every one online of they are looking to expand their love for Bingo."

Looking at how a player's time is spent playing online bingo is pretty much diverse as well. Some players will log into the site and deposit their allowable limit, while collecting a "deposit bonus" and immediately head to the slot machines. Others will make their bankrolls last for weeks and just buy a single bingo card while chatting with online friends during the night. Others will win a jackpot after purchasing many cards for the previous game and then cash out the winnings. The nice thing about online bingo is the east of play. Unlike playing at a casino the computer software does not make you mark the cards manually. There is always an "auto-daub" feature for players to turn on and spend the time chatting while watching their cards fill up towards the jackpot. As mentioned earlier many true slot players will look to online Bingo sites like BingoSuite for multiple deposit bonuses. This is an additional amount added to your account from the house to make the site more enticing to players. This is very competitive in the new booming industry, is allowing players to receive a 150% bonus on their first two deposits. Immediately they are behind and are hoping their support and game play keeps a player loyal and happy with their games.

The Online Bingo industry is booming. Players are coming into sites like BingoSuite to find new games, friends and jackpots waiting to be had. The internet is changing the way we spend our free time. Many people are opting to stay home and yell a joyful "Bingo" from their home computer.

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