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Bingo Win Puts Mom in Hospital

29 August 2002

UNITED KINGDOM – As reported by This is Gloucestershire: "A £57,000 (US$88,277) bingo winner was delighted to have hit the jackpot - until her mum collapsed with the excitement and had to be rushed to hospital.

"Jamie Mattock, 23, of Gloucester was ecstatic when her numbers came up while playing the National Bingo Game at the Gala Club at the Peel Centre.

"But her jubilation soon evaporated as her mother Marlene fell to the floor.

"After a night in casualty, Jamie's mum is now fine and her daughter free to let the good news sink in.

"…Jamie, who works in the highways department of Gloucester City Council, said: `I just thought I would go for a laugh so I went along with my mum, boyfriend, aunts and other friends.'

"`I played a few books until the national game was called. Everyone played and I was pleased when I won the £160 (US$248) house prize.

"`It was about an hour later than I learned I had also won the regional prize of £2,391 (US$3,703) and the National Bingo Game prize or £54,130 (US$83,837).

"`My mum then collapsed and I had to go to casualty with her.

"….She will put the money into a savings account: `After seeing my mother collapse, it made me realise you never know what is round the corner.'…"

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