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Bingo Game Continues After Woman Collapses

8 August 2002

UNITED KINGDOM – As reported by the UK Evening Star: "Bingo fan Lee Barber today said was left `stunned and disgusted' when a game carried on at an Ipswich bingo hall after a woman collapsed and stopped breathing.

"The 34-year-old train driver also claims he would have scooped the £500 (US$765) top prize if he had continued ticking off his card and not rushed to the aid of the woman.

"But instead of carrying on with the game Mr Barber, of Oulton Road, Ipswich, jumped to his feet and demanded it be stopped so an elderly woman could receive treatment.

"However to his dismay, the caller at the Mecca Bingo hall on Lloyds Avenue told him he had to carry on as it was `company policy' to finish the £500 jackpot house bingo game.

"…`The bingo caller said we must carry on playing the game and carried on calling while the lady, who was seriously ill, was not being attended to.

"`I then jumped up, pulled my phone out of my pocket and made a 999 call, but I couldn't hear the controller due to the fact the bingo game was carrying on.

"…Jackie Abraham, a spokeswoman for Mecca Bingo confirmed that it was company policy in line with consultation with the ambulance service to continue the game during an incident like this.

"…In the confusion, Joni Moore, who is a trained nurse and on vacation from America, went to the woman's aid.

"….Eventually the staff agreed to help move the woman onto the floor where Ms Moore, 50, started to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

"She said: `Eventually she roused but she was very disoriented. They did not stop the bingo and I could not hear her at all.'…"

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