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Big Brother IS Watching

16 May 1997

Lookie, lookie, lookie at a URL that turned up at the Euro Nambling site,, a little USA Government Department ( Now, who could it be??? Well, here are some possibilities Robert? Lawrence? Ed?.

Well, I'm afraid we'll never know if it was someone at Treasury out to cover the Federal deficit with an afternoon of betting at a cybercasino or a lurker trying to figure out how to make a dollar out of cybergambling for Uncle Sam to put in his piggybank.

I hope this was some serious research and not some treasury employee just having a little surf on public money. (Why aren't treasury guys allowed to look out of the windows in the morning?......'cause they would have nothing to do in the afternoon). Just joking guys ;-) .

Now, if you Treasury guys are wondering if this here Cybergambling is a new source of federal funds and that it might fill up them empty vaults at Fort Knox...well, I got bad news for you. Cybergambling is just not the killer app everyone was on about a year or so ago.

Sure we are seeing a little bit of activity, sports betting seems to have some following on-line. Problem is even that is not a lot in gambling industry terms. The Cybercasinos are getting a few hits but that wouldn't be classed as big business either. Lotteries are doing even worse. The 'Net is just not proving to be a place where people can't help themselves and spend hours logged on blowing the family fortune.

'Fraid to say while there is some novelty interest, as yet it has not become an Industry. Sure, there are people trying. Indeed, some of the sites are becoming snappier and more entertaining. But, a threat to the mainstream? Not by a long shot. In fact, if you take out your hit on EURONAMBLING, my 5 or 6 hits, the creators 35 hits (to look at his own handiwork), well, some 95 people at best have logged on in some three weeks on-line.

At that rate, a whole 520 might look at the site to find somewhere to gamble on-line in Europe over a year. It's not really a mad rush now, is it? So, you guys at US Treasury and Justice just keep reading RGT and we'll let you know when it looks like being a business worth your while taxing.

In the meantime BIG BROTHER, remember this, we're watching you watching us!

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