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22 June 2006

UNITED STATES – (PRESS RELEASE) – A week has passed in World Cup 2006 and spectatorship has reached astronomical heights all over the world. Even US viewership has exceeded expectations. Before the Cup started the United States grabbed the #4 World ranking, and US fans logged on in droves to the online sportsbook to wager heavily on the US team to move well beyond the first round.

With their first round shellacking however, those numbers have shifted, and intense research by the website has shown that wagering now more accurately depicts the ethnic make-up of the melting pot that is the USA. The largest most respected sportsbook on the web, released the following statistics today.

"Extensive research shows that people from every state in America have wagered on the World Cup this year at," stated analyst Matt Ross. "Whereas at the start of the Cup we had bets for the US absolutely flooding our site, now that a few games have been played, support is much more widespread illustrating the diversity of cultures that make up the US."

How the US is Betting for World Cup

-New York: Italy 45%, Germany 15%, Brazil 40%

-California: Mexico 60%, England 30%, Brazil 10%

-Florida: Portugal 30%, Spain 10%, Germany 10%, Brazil 25%, Mexico 25%

-Texas: Brazil 55%, Mexico 20%, USA 1%, England 9%, Argentina 15%

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