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22 June 2006

(PRESS RELEASE) – Infamous Ann Coulter, known for her crudeness, took it a step further in her latest book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." In the book she calls the 9/11 widows who have criticized President Bush, selfish "broads" looking for fame. While a number of conservatives have criticized Coulter's statement, many other Republicans rallied to her defense. – a leading online sportsbook and gaming site - has taken it a few steps further and has posted odds on Coulter's destiny.

Analysts at posted favorable 4-6 odds that the Widows of 9/11, who were also called "self-obsessed women," will sue Coulter for defamation. However, the chances of Ann Coulter retracting her remarks are slim with only 1-2 odds. Either way, Coulter's outrageousness has shot her new book to number one on

Executives at have posted the following odds:

Will Ann Coulter retract her remarks?

Yes: 6-4

No: 1-2

Will the 9/11 Widows Sue Coulter for defamation?

Yes: 4-6

No: 11-10

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