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8 November 2006

YORK, New York -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Now that the Senate Elections are underway and Congress will soon have different faces, Americans will start to focus on the next big political poll, the Presidential Election. Last election showed Americans were willing to give republicans another go in the White House, but in the fickle world of politics the question begs, will the Republican Party three-peat?

With America facing new issues while remaining as opinionated as ever,, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on the outcomes of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Who will be the next U.S. President:

Hilary Clinton- 5/4

John McCain- 3/1

Al Gore- 8/1

Mark Warner- 7/1

George Allen- 7/1

Rudolph Giuliani- 8/1

John Edwards- 8/1

Condaleeza Rice- 12/1

Barack Obama- 9/1

Bill Richardson- 16/1

Mitt Romney- 12/1

Bill Frist- 20/1

Howard Dean - 20/1

Jeb Bush - 20/1

Mike Huckabee - 20/1

Tom Ridge- 30/1

Chuck Hagel- 40/1

Who Will the Democratic Candidate be:

Mark Warner- 3/1

Hilary Clinton- 11/10

John Kerry- 20/1

John Edwards- 5/1

Evan Bayh- 10/1

Jesse Jackson Jr.- 10/1

Charles Schumer- 12/1

Tom Vilsack- 20/1

Howard Dean- 4/1

Al Gore - 4/1

Tom Daschle- 20/1

Russ Feingold- 20/1

Harold Ford Jr.- 12/1

Ed Rendell- 9/1

Barack Obama- 7/2

Blanche Lincoln- 20/1

Bill Richardson- 12/1

Wesley Clarke- 25/1

Bill Maher- 100/1

Who Will the Republican Candidate be:

John McCain- 7/5

George Allen- 5/1

Rudolph Giuliani- 4/1

Bill Frist- 14/1

Mitt Romney- 5/1

Jeb Bush- 25/1

Condoleeza Rice- 8/1

Chuck Hagel-20/1

Colin Powell- 4/1

George Pataki- 20/1

Haley Barbour- 14/1

Sam Brownback- 20/1

Norm Coleman- 20/1

Arnold Schwarzenegger- 25/1

Lindsey Graham- 14/1

Newt Gingrich- 9/1

John Ashcroft- 20/1

Tom Ridge- 20/1

Dick Chene - 40/1

Bill Owens- 20/1

Laura Bush- 1,000/1

Which Party will Win the Election:

Democrats- 11/8

Republicans - 21/20

Field– 100/1

"I look forward to the presidential elections," said spokesman, Christopher Bennett. "People are arguing and opinions are flying; it's a long, drawn-out reality T.V. show and we're all just looking for the next big winner." About is a leading online sports betting and sports wagering entertainment website, providing a safe and secure place for online gambling for over a decade. Licensed and bonded in two recognized gaming jurisdictions, Canada and Costa Rica, employs over 500 people and offers service to more than 100,000 clients.

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