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Better Dining for Casino Workers

4 November 2002

ATLANTIC CITY – As reported by the Press of Atlantic City: "It wasn't that long ago that a casino's employee cafeteria wasn't a very pleasant place to be. You could choke on the tobacco smoke, and some properties' food offerings looked like they weren't fit to offer to a dog.

"Now most Atlantic City casinos offer good food in a smoke-free environment (with separate areas for employees who want to puff away on their break), and many are conscious of trends in healthy eating.

"…The [Resorts Atlantic City] cafeteria is simple, but spotless, and some of the selections on a recent weekday looked more appetizing than the fare served to customers in the buffet. This day's choices included a Reuben sandwich, grilled chicken breast, stuffed peppers, baked clams and several choices of vegetables. A salad bar with fresh vegetables was in another section, and the pastries in the pie case were enough to make your mouth water.

"…Dining room employees shift stations frequently, which improves morale because they don't do the same thing every day, [Tina Morrison of Stafford Township, manager of the employee dining room,]said. It also helps with staffing when people call out sick, because most people can perform more than one job.

"To keep employees in touch with the outside world, two television sets mounted from the ceiling broadcast the latest news. Bulletin boards in the hallway leading to the cafeteria display job postings, internal announcements and letters from satisfied customers.

"Nearly 3,000 people work at Resorts, said spokeswoman Kim Butler. Cafeteria meals are one of the employee benefits, and the room is open 24/7.

"Dealers often have shorter breaks than other employees, so they have a separate lounge just off the casino floor, Butler said. There are separate smoking and non-smoking rooms, offering free coffee and juice and vending machines for snacks. A quiet room has comfortable sofas for reading or taking a quick snooze.

"…The Tropicana offers workers hot and cold entrees every day, including a heart-smart dish like broiled fish or chicken, [Tropicana Casino and Resort spokeswoman Maureen] Siman said. There's a salad bar, fresh fruit, soup and cold cuts so people can make their own sandwiches. There are separate sections for smokers and non-smokers…"

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