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3 May 2005

COSTA RICA – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Online gaming site announced today that they have received word from Patrick Valenzuela, the top-tier horse jockey, that the sponsorship agreement between the company and the jockey would be cancelled. Mr. Valenzuela attributed the cancellation to a decision by track regulators who did not feel it was appropriate. and track owners both serve the same market of sport fans.

Horse racing has recently become a better avenue for sponsorship. Jockeys are now selling rights to their collars and pants. Payoffs from this type of advertising can be substantial if the jockey rides wins. BetCRIS decided to bid on the advertising when they noticed an auction on eBay for the rights.

"We put up our bid just like everyone else. This was an unrestricted auction and just because we compete with the tracks for business doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to advertise," said Gary Thomson of He added, "It's like cable saying satellite can't advertise on their networks."

Pressure from the industry ultimately forced Mr. Valenzuela to pull the contract from He has decided to re-list himself on and seek another sponsor who is more suitable to the higher-ups.

"We were really disappointed in the decision. Sites such as ours increase the excitement over racing in general. The close mindedness of the sport's managers is part of the problems the sport is experiencing," added Mr. Thomson.

BetCRIS has announced that they are seeking other avenues to get their name out. In the words of the game, they are looking for the next 'sure thing.'

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