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Bentley to Offer Real-Time Transactions

19 March 2002

LOS ANGELES--(Press Release)--March 19, 2002--Bentley Communications Corp. (OTCBB:BTLY) has just achieved a ``first-to-market'' advantage in the legal online wagering world: real-time online ATM-card pay-in and pay-out transactions! These transactions can be done at any Internet connected PC equipped with a certified user-friendly credit card, ATM card and Smart-card stand-alone unit like the Cash pad(TM).

Bentley has created a strategic alliance with the Global Reseller/Agent for these solutions, New Economy World Ltd. Through their team, Bentley is able to become the ``first-to-market'' provider for these solutions in legal online gaming and various other online arenas.

``Real-time e-commerce transactions are a giant leap forward because over 60% of all planned e-commerce purchases do not finalize due to the time taken to complete various order forms,'' notes Gordon Lee.

New World's CFO, Steve Kelley, states: ``The principal New Economy World Ltd. Global Reseller/Agent agreements affected currently are those which we have with: 1) the Global Maestro/Cirrus ATM-card and online interface for payment with same through Virtual Money Inc. ( and 2) the PC ATM/POS device for securely transacting on Swipe and Smart-cards, with full Star ATM Network-certified and NACHA compliant encryption technology, through Kryptosima Inc..

``What this means to the end-user is the ability to easily load in real-time, any credit card, ATM card or Smart-card through home or retail locations with the PC pin-pad device; or ACH (transfer transaction) to the card from any compliant U.S. bank account; or from his credit card through money-wire services associated with Virtual Money Inc.; or by sending funds into designated loading centers; or via card-to-card loads from any other card-holder in the system! Even more attractive to the customers is the ability to return winnings or payouts to their cards in real-time as received through the licensed system operators IMMEDIATELY upon receipt through the banking system. No one else is currently offering this superior service and customer satisfaction technology mechanism, which virtually guarantees our superiority over any competition,'' says Gordon Lee.

All parties agree that this is a monumental hallmark for them and online e-commerce. This is just the first segment of a series of potentially lucrative and definitely innovative super-solutions that are on the agenda.

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