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Bentley Releases Exclusive ATM@Home Technology

10 April 2002

LOS ANGELES--(Press Release)--April 10, 2002--Two major problems face the online gamer: is it legal in his area, and how can he be sure he'll be paid his winnings? By addressing these issues, Bentley Communications Corp. (OTCBB:BTLY) expects its new technology to be adopted as the worldwide standard for legalized gambling. Why would anyone want to wait up to six weeks to receive a check for his winnings in the mail from an offshore casino, when he can get instant payment with his ATM@Home machine, a small keypad device that plugs into a USB port.

Previously, people who placed bets online dealt with casinos outside of the U.S.; however, there was the question of whether they would be paid their winnings. The U.S. government is declaring those sites illegal under the Interstate Wire Act. Bentley avoids this problem because it focuses on legal gambling entities located within the United States and therefore regulated by those various states.

For example, some states now have laws that allow a person to gamble online through casinos operated by Indian tribes. Nevada now allows existing brick-and-mortar casinos to set up online operations. California and nine other states allow off-track horse betting online. Since these operations are state approved and state regulated, participants can now be confident that they will get paid on winning wagers.

This approval of online gaming could cause an explosion in the number of people using the Internet to place bets. Bentley provides unique technology to these gaming entities, placing itself in a position to become the preferred provider of gaming services for players worldwide. The Company expects that many states will (in the near future) have legal online lotteries that can be played using Bentley's PinPad certified network and most cash cards.

Another issue of concern for the online gaming industry is the use of cash cards for placing bets and collecting payoffs. Before Bentley solved this problem, it was necessary to type the card number on the Web screen of the casino and send it over the Internet. This posed security problems since the card number could be intercepted at several points. Bentley's solution?

The ``PinPad,'' an electronic device that reads cards and sends the information directly to the bank rather than the casino. ``Not only can you `swipe rather than type,' there is instant payment back to your ATM or cash card for all of your winning bets,'' said Gordon F. Lee, President & CEO of Bentley Communications.

According to a recent report by Reuters News Agency, online gaming sites took in $2.2 billion in 2000 and could collect as much as $6.4 billion by 2003. This makes online gaming potentially one of the most profitable businesses operated on the Internet.

Bentley's new technology also allows consumers to make any kind of purchase online without exposing their ``card'' numbers to the Internet Web site via new ATM and Smartcard emerging technologies. Plans are underway to make the PinPad device, which connects to PCs via the USB port, the preferred way to make purchases at thousands of Web sites selling merchandise online worldwide.

``This will greatly increase consumer confidence in online shopping,'' stated Lee. ``Just as the invention of the credit card changed the way people shopped at stores, using cards instead of cash, we expect a similar impact for online transactions now that people can swipe their cards at home and use PIN numbers for security.''

The Company is revising revenue projections upward to account for anticipated demand from Internet merchants who want their customers to feel secure in their online purchases.

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