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24 July 2000

LONDON--(Press Release)--July 24, 2000--, Asia's leading ranking service for Internet gamers, which successfully launched the Korean Internet Game League (KIGL) and American Internet Game League (AIGL) earlier this year, are now set to enter the European online gaming market by launching the British Internet Game League (BIGL) with a major tournament.

BIGL, tracked by Battletop's proven, real-time ranking system, will establish a new professional arena for the millions of Internet games enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom.

In a similar fashion to the highly successful leagues already established in Korea and America, the BIGL will raise the profile of Internet games competition, bringing with it big-game tournaments, substantial prize money, corporate sponsors, higher levels of competition and online, real-time rankings and standings.

Total prize money for the first prize winner at the Millennium Dome tournament stands at an impressive 15,000 pounds.

The tournament is sponsored by BarrysWorld, Europe's leading online games company, and will be held at the Millennium Dome on September 9, 2000. Gameplay will take place from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the day and competitors will be able to battle their way through games such as ``Quake III,'' ``Age of Empires'' and ``Unreal Tournament.''

In addition to the Dome online gaming extravaganza, similar tournament events will be held in Paris and Frankfurt in September 2000. First prize winners from the London, Paris and Frankfurt tournaments will then compete in the massive World Cyber Game Challenge (WCGC) sponsored by Samsung and held in Seoul on October 15, 2000. The grand prize winner of the WCGC will win $200,000 (U.S.).

Battletop USA's president and chief executive officer, John Varley, said: ``Battletop is very excited to be able to maintain the global lead in Internet gamers ranking services. The idea of being able to introduce worldwide tournament opportunities to Europe's countless Internet game players has always been a major priority on our agenda.''

Battletop enables its members to play the most popular multi-player Internet games in real time either with or against other members and provides objective rankings according to game scores and level of competition.

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