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Ban on Internet Gambling Priority in Congress

3 December 2002

WASHINGTON – As reported by Bloodhorse: ``High-ranking members of Congress plan to make an outright ban on all Internet wagering a top priority next year because of its vulnerability to money laundering.

``Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, Democratic minority whip in Congress, said gambling over the Web is 'ripe for cheating' and 'cannot be controlled.' Only a bill completely banning Internet wagering could stop money laundering through Web sites, he said.

``U.S. Rep. Michael Oxley, chairman of the House Committee on Financial Service, agreed Monday with Nevada's senior Senator and said the issue would be the top priority of his committee in 2003.

``…Some in Congress, however, only want a federal bill that would regulate wagering over the Internet and not ban it completely. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan introduced such a bill in November but it has not been considered by the Senate…"

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