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Baccarat Dealer Helped Defraud Casino

31 January 2003

AUSTRALIA – As reported by the (Australia) Age: "A Crown Casino baccarat dealer who helped defraud the casino of $1.8 million (US$1.06 million) by incorrectly shuffling her cards was paid $20,000 (US$11,748) for her part in the scam, a court heard yesterday.

"Tiffany Moss, 32, of Bayswater, pleaded guilty in the County Court to conspiring to defraud Crown Casino of $1.8 million in July, 1998. The court heard that Moss had been approached in 1996 by a man she had seen at the casino's Mahogany Room, but refused to meet him.

"In 1997, the same man approached her again and she agreed to meet him because she was `curious' about what he had to say, the court heard. At a Box Hill cafe, the man allegedly showed Moss how to shuffle a deck of cards slowly and in such a way that the face side of the card could be seen.

"…Prosecutor T. P. Burke told the court that a woman had videotaped the cards with a camera hidden in her handbag, which she placed on the baccarat table. The video was then watched frame-by-frame in a hotel room nearby, so the offenders knew what order the cards were in, Mr Burke said.

"…Fifty minutes after Moss had incorrectly shuffled the cards, a well-known casino high roller, Ko Kon Tong, who was jailed in 2001 for his part in a heroin ring, sat at Moss' table and won $1.4 million. Tong won 32 hands, lost 10 hands and tied at least three, the court heard.

"…Moss did not make a statement against the man who allegedly involved her in the scam. Geoffrey Steward, for Moss, told the court that his client was a `patsy', used by others for their own ends.

"…`We are dealing with a very substantial scam and she must have known that by co-operating she was enabling a scam of that magnitude to be perpetuated,' Judge Crossley said…"

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