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Australians Gambling More

8 August 2002

AUSTRALIA – As reported by the Australian: "Australians gambled away more than $14 billion (US$7.5 billion) in 2000-01, according to figures.

"That works out at $988.90 (US$528) for every Australian aged 18 or more, a rise of more than $57(US$30) on the previous year.

"…Australian Gambling Statistics, prepared by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission from data in all states and territories, shows Australia's love affair with gambling continues unabated.

"The losses totalling $14,378,676,000 (US$7.7 billion) up from $13,291,764,000 (US$7.1 billion) the previous year, came from gambling turnover of $118,225,258,000, (US$63 billion) a rise of 3.83 per cent.

"…Poker machines swallowed the most money by far.

"A whopping $77.7 billion (US$41.5 billion) was poured into the machines, with $8.32 billion (US$4.4 billion) of it lost.

"…Casino turnover was $22.68 billion (US$12.1 billion), with losses $2.54 billion (US$1.35 billion).

"…In 1975-76 each adult lost an average $94.06 - $53.66 (US$50.25 - $28.67) gaming and $40.39 (US$21.58) on the horses and dogs.

"…The latest figure of $988.90 (US$528.30) is made up of $860.94 (US$459.97) on gaming, $125.11 (US$66.84) on racing and $2.86 (US$1.52) on sports betting.

"While gaming, and particularly pokies, continue to be the main form of gambling, racing appears to be making a modest comeback…"

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