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Australian Treasures Hands Hefty Gambling Tax

24 June 2003

AUSTRALIA – As reported Sydney Morning Herald: “There's a running joke inside the Carr Government that the longer some key ministers remain in power, the more they resemble their master, adopting the Premier's habit of repeating key phrases for emphasis and even his characteristic `hand-puppet’ gestures.

“But not Michael Egan.

“Pugnacious, combative, arrogant, but ultimately supremely competent, Egan has always run solo and the control-loving Carr has accepted this with benign resignation.

“Yesterday, delivering his ninth budget, Egan showed that he has complete freedom not only when it comes to financial management, but the business of politics as well, single-handedly driving through the impost of a hefty and controversial new gambling tax.

“…The Treasurer's new gambling tax regime has ensured that when it comes to protest, the monolithic, powerful and united constituency that was the pubs and clubs lobby in NSW is no more.

“`It means more money from the big clubs and pubs come to the Government for bigger, better hospitals and schools,’ Egan said yesterday…”

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