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Aussie Mates Fight Over $1m Casino Win

27 June 2001

AUSTRALIA – June 27, 2001 – As reported by the Australian News Herald: ``Two Melbourne car salesmen who won a $1 million jackpot in a betting spree at Crown casino are locked in a legal battle over the money.

``A Supreme Court judge yesterday granted an injunction to Steven Kustura to stop former friend Walter Outjers spending $500,000 that Mr Kustura claims should be his.

``The two men, who holidayed with their families together as recently as Easter, had been mates for 12 years.

``Justice Bill Gillard was told that since hitting the jackpot on June 13, Mr Outjers had spent about $300,000 and refused to hand over Mr Kustura's claimed share.

``…In an affidavit before the court, Mr Kustura said Mr Outjers gave him a $30,000 cheque with the words, "this is what I have decided to give you". Barrister Josh Wilson said Mr Kustura had an agreement with Mr Outjers that they would share any winnings at the casino 50/50.

``…"I said to him I should be included in the details to the casino as we had won jointly and he told me not to worry as we had $500,000 each and he would write me a cheque to cover my half," he said.

``But when they went to bank the money the next day, Mr Outjers said that for tax reasons he had put it in a term deposit account in his own name.

``…Mr Kustura said when he told Mr Outjers he would sue, Mr Outjers said he would `get rid of the money' to ensure he got nothing…"

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