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Aussie Hotels Scrap $60m in Planned Changes

22 July 2002

AUSTRALIA -- As reported by the Advertiser: ``Hotel owners claim they have scrapped more than $60 million in redevelopments because of the State Government's new "super tax" on pokies announced 10 days ago.

`` Hundreds of job losses also have been forecast by architects, builders and subcontractors.

``In its July budget, the State Government announced increased taxes, to take effect in January next year, on the state's highest-earning poker machine venues, resulting in an extra $39 million slice for the Government.

``...As a result of the `super tax', some hotels threatened to pass on the extra cost to customers through increased prices for drinks and food.

``...The Australian Hoteliers Association confirmed more than 100 of its members had responded to a survey confirming in excess of $60 million in redevelopments had been put on hold or scrapped since the Government announced the new tax..."

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