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Aussie Fraud Jackpots

24 March 2003

AUSTRALIA – As reported by the News Interactive: ``Gambling-related fraud is rising in South Australia with 12 addicts allegedly caught stealing more than $450,000 in the past week.

``One of those had allegedly stolen about $200,000 from his unnamed employer.

``Some may be charged after further police investigations.

``Adelaide Central Mission will call for the creation of a specialist court to deal with the growing tally of gambling-related crime at a conference in Adelaide this week. On the eve of Problem Gambling Awareness Week, Adelaide Central Mission also wants the introduction of the defence of gambling for those facing court.

``…Last week 11 people had sought help after allegedly being caught stealing about $20,000 each while one person had defrauded more than $200,000.

``About a quarter of those were work-related fraud.

``…The government will push for an extension of a 12-month freeze on new poker machines in SA…"

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