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Atlas Gaming Gets Patent for Multiplayer Product

7 September 2000

LAS VEGAS, Nevada –(Press Release)-- Sept. 7, 2000 -- Atlas Gaming - Vegas Cabinets Gaming, Nevada State licensed manufacturer and distributor of gaming devices, today announced receipt of its 5th gaming -- related patent "Game of chance -- Skins."

The concept of "Skins" is so radical that it will change casino gaming forever. It allows thousands of players to participate in one game and progressive jackpot to be paid to a winner after a few minutes of play.

Alex Stefan inventor and owner of Atlas Gaming is presenting a new type of gaming machine competition, "Skins" which is engaged in by a plurality of players playing linked machines.

The competition subsists for a relatively short period of time, e.g., one minute, during which the players all play maximum bets as quickly as possible. A portion of the amount wagered by each player is allocated to a bonus jackpot. At the end of the period of play, the highest winning combination achieved by each of the players is compared with those achieved by the other players, that player wins the bonus jackpot.

If two or more players tie with the highest winning combination, then all the players are then eligible to play in the next round of the same game. The bonus jackpot continues to accumulate during various rounds of the game, until one clear winner emerges.

A key feature of the game is that if two players tie, then all tie. This has numerous unobvious advantages to both the players and the house. For the players, each round of the game is over quickly, with either a winner declared or a new round beginning.

Even if a player is having a stretch of bad luck, he/she will be hoping that two other players tie, thus enabling his/her participation in the next round of the game. In other words, a player can lose (without being involved in a tie) for many times consecutively, yet can win the entire bonus payout with a quick run of luck.

From the standpoint of the house, the game has the unobvious benefits of (i) having the players always bet the maximum amount possible, (ii) having the players play as rapidly as possible, and (iii) keeping players playing the gaming machines even if they are losing, since the bonus jackpot continues to increase, in hopes of winning a big jackpot.

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