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29 December 1996

LAS VEGAS-- Next time you're at a blackjack table at a Missouri riverboat, watch out...Big Brother is watching. A new system called SafeJack(TM) for casino blackjack operations has received approval for use in the Missouri gaming market.

The SafeJack(TM) system includes: a blackjack table with hidden sensors at each of seven player positions; special casino chips incorporating computer microchips; a card shoe containing an electronic card sensor; and a special dealer display screen and keypad. All of these elements are connected through the table computer and proprietary software to a central data collection. The SafeJack(TM) is to be used as a blackjack security system. It will record each game played and will automatically record bets made and cards played.

According to Mr. Thompson: "The SafeJack(TM) system provides casino operators with unprecedented access to information on the operation of their blackjack tables. For the first time, the casino operator will have access to computer generated records showing the result of each hand played. It is our belief that losses from dealer mistakes, cheating and player disputes will be dramatically reduced if not eliminated entirely."

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