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Arizona Tribal Casinos Thrive

8 April 2003

ARIZONA – As reported by the Arizona Republic: "Arizona exemplifies the success gambling can generate for Indian tribes and surrounding communities, a national Indian gambling figure said Monday in opening a major industry meeting and trade show in Phoenix.

"…In Arizona, tribal gambling revenue last year was an estimated $1 billion, a figure poised to surge after voters approved Proposition 202 last fall, allowing more slot machines and the introduction of Nevada-style blackjack. The state, for the first time, will share in gambling revenue under the proposition, an estimated $89 million to $102 million per year.

"Clinton Pattea, president of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, which operates the Fort McDowell Casino outside of Phoenix, said gambling has been a tribal jackpot in employment and meeting community needs.

"Nearly $700 million in gambling revenue over the past 10 years has allowed construction of water and sewer systems, roads, homes, schools, a recreation center and a clinic, he said…"

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