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Another Federal Gambling Study

15 October 1997

Neatly hidden in a treasury-postal spending bill signed into law by President Clinton last Friday is $200,000 to study the connection between personal bankruptcies and gambling. The provision was inserted into the legislation by Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, who has been an outspoken opponent of gambling in Congress. The study is to be conducted by the treasury department over the next seven months and is to focus on identifying bankruptcies caused by gambling debts and the effect on payments to the U.S. Treasury. Regarding the study, Sen. Richard Bryan of Nevada said that he is comforted by the fact that the treasury department rather than the National Gambling Impact Study Commission will do the research. The senator indicated that he expects treasury department researchers to find that credit card debt, illness and job loss cause more bankruptcies than gambling. Nevada's other senator had this to say: "I like Frank Wolf personally, but I think he's gone a little bit weird on this gambling. It's almost like a phobia."

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