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Advantage Sports Betting Releases New Product

28 August 2006

ST. JOHNS, Antigua – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Advantage Sports Betting has released a new betting product -- Virtual Horse Racing. Sports bettors who love horse racing can now wager on this lifelike racing simulator. The virtual horse races are based on an advanced engine that gives bettors the ability to actually handicap the races. The horse racing action in this virtual world goes off at regular intervals, and it mimics real-life horse racing.

Rather than simply basing the horse racing on a random number generator, Advantage Sports Betting's Virtual Horse Racing factors in a set of characteristics for each horse. They also provide a virtual racing form that's just like the real-world counterpart. Bettors can utilize the forum to see specifics about the horses and handicap them as they would the real horse races.

Advantage Sports Betting's Virtual Horse Racing is more than a simple virtual horse racing gimmick. Bettors are treated to an environment that's second to none. Some of the features include:

- Real Time Rendering: The results are not generated until the race is actually run.

- Photorealistic Quality: The environment looks better than a video game.

- Betting Depth: Since the software utilizes many factors to determine the outcome, bettors can actually handicap the races.

Advantage Sports Betting' Virtual Horse Racing is now live at the website. Races are conducted every 10 minutes. Just how important is virtual horse racing? In a conference, Advantage Sports Betting Founder Sebastien Veilleux said, "our Virtual Horse Racing product adds a new and exciting avenue for horse racing bettors. By being more than a simple random number generator game, it gets one step closer to the real thing. We know horse racing bettors will love the atmosphere and realism."

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