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A Woman's in a Casino

3 June 2003

RENO – As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal: ``When Teri Grandfield answers her office telephone, she often finds she has some explaining to do. As a female casino executive, Grandfield still takes some people off guard when they call to speak to the general manager of Rail City Casino in Sparks.

`There's still people who call, and I'll say 'This is Teri,' and they'll go, 'Well, I want to talk to the general manager,'" said Grandfield, general manager since April 2002.

``But Grandfield isn't the only woman calling the shots at a Sparks casino. Though men have traditionally occupied the ranks of top casino executives, a handful of women have made it to the top of their field in Sparks, overcoming obstacles and establishing unique management styles along the way. Today, six out of eight — or 75 percent of — casinos in Sparks have a woman at the level of general manager or higher. That's compared to 15 percent in Reno, where just three casinos out of 20 have a female in their uppermost echelons.

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