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A Swift Kick in the Casino

21 May 2002

MAINE – As reported by Freezerbox: "When I was 9 or 10, I remember slugging a friend in the shoulder because I'd heard that he'd said something untoward about my family. It turned out not to be true and, following our childhood code of justice, I turned and let him take a 'free shot' at my shoulder. When we were 10, reparations were more along the eye-for-an-eye code than the pay-up-cash code. Perhaps some of our adult struggles should be dispatched that simply.

Recently the idea of allowing Native Americans to open a casino has been hotly debated around the country, and here in Maine it is reaching a fevered pitch. The local tribes want to make money, and the towns and State have been debating the possible merits and risks of the project. Some say that the local Indian tribe should be able to do what they want on their land. Others point out that there are various social ills and problems commonly associated with casinos, which outweigh the considerable sums to be made. Still others say, hey, that's a LOT of money for the Tribe, the State, and the towns, and can anyone really afford to walk away from that kind of cash? But the reality is that it's an issue of the reparations owed to Native Americans. No other group could even consider this sort of project, and in the past, our government has allowed Native Americans to do things the rest of us can't. Any anyway, that's a LOT of money, eh?

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