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A New Gray Area?

19 November 1997

Law is a funny thing. Just when you think you have covered all the bases, somebody puts out a fifth base.

Now, we all know that USC 1084 bans telephone (over the wire betting). We all know the that the Kyl bill will ban over the net betting.

But ...what if ... we all get Web phone software????

The new Kyl law seems to relate to data sent over the Net. The Wire Act says that the wire (the telephone) is voice communication. So if we all send voice over the net, well then maybe the Senators will all have to start all over again.

Even better, let's develop phone data system that goes through a standard telephone hand set. That means we will be sending data over a voice line, we will be phoning data, just like we will be voicing the Internet. Hey!!! A whole new gray area of the law!

Why use a computer? What is a computer??? If we use our personal assistants, well...??? Is that a computer? If we use a fax machines handset ... have we faxed? or phoned?? If we use a Web TV, have we phoned, Interneted or TVed?

Ahhh, there are times when gray is my favorite color.

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