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A Course in Delusion

27 November 2000

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Nov. 27, 2000 – As reported by the Christian Science Monitor: ``…Hundreds of South Africans gather in classes held throughout the country each month to learn how to "beat the casinos at their own game."

``Last week, about 40 gamblers here attended a free introductory class in a dingy hotel meeting room to hear how, with a small initial investment, they too can "play the slots for profit."

``The price?

``For about $650, gamblers can take exclusive "Executive Training" seminars. If they cough up $133 for VIP membership in the "Slots Club," they receive monthly reports on the best machines and most popular times to play.

```Do you want to join us on the red carpets?' the organizer asked his class at the end of his two-hour lecture. `And win enough money to support you and yours for the rest of your lives?'

``The answer throughout South Africa is apparently yes.

``Perhaps the organizer should also have asked his class if they still believe in Santa Claus ?

``The lure of rapid returns hasn't yet been dispelled here,' says Rodger Meyer, treatment director for the National Responsible Gambling Program.

``…Many here wager that casinos will deliver more than just a day's entertainment…"

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